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Skipjack Tuna
Date added: Thu, 21 Feb 2019 21:40
Today we had Andy Griffith on board the Cavalier, who had chartered the boat together with his two sons.
Trolling was done.

The catches consisted of different Skipjacks.
The different bait balls that were seen this day, indicates that it really will not last longer before the bigger tuna species will show up.

Cavalier Fishing Charters

North Atlantic Bonito
Date added: Tue, 19 Feb 2019 19:32
Both, yesterday and today, beautiful catches were made on the boat Cavalier.
This morning especially the North Atlantic Bonitos were again very active.
7 of the 9 strikes were caught.
But also some Barracudas and several Snappers belonged to the catch.
Supplemented with many dozens of small seabreams, were this again two very successful fishing days.

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Plenty of Skipjacks
Date added: Thu, 14 Feb 2019 17:27
Wooooow, it was again a great fishing day today.
Were 6 and 7 Skipjacks caught in the previous days, today there were 23 pieces caught.
Unfortunately there has been missed another 10 pieces.

Hopefully tomorrow the show goes on?

Cavalier Fishing Charters

Well done
Date added: Thu, 14 Feb 2019 00:18
Another great day trolling.
Well done guys

Cavalier Fishing Charters

Skipjack Tuna
Date added: Tue, 12 Feb 2019 17:53
The last week we enjoy here in Gran Canaria of wonderful summer temperatures which vary between 28 and 32 degrees.
Nothing wrong with that of course.

Today the crew decided to try a day of trolling fishing.
In the last few days we had quite a strong tidal current with the bottom fishing.
And of course it does not have anything to do with sport fishing , if you catch Red Snappers on a light rod with 200 gram lead.

During the trolling fishing, several large schools with Spipjack Tuna were seen this morning.
Apart from a few misses, fortunately 6 were caught.

Furthermore, nothing big.

Tomorrow we try again.
Who knows?

Cavalier Fishing Charters

Puffer fish
Date added: Fri, 08 Feb 2019 21:12
Today we were fishing against the bank of the deeper reef.

The catches were reasonable to good.
For example, beautiful Red Snapper, Comber, Atlantic Bonito, Sea bream and various Puffer fishes were caught.

Not real outliers but with light material a successful fishing day.

Cavalier Fishing Charters

North Atlantic Bonito
Date added: Wed, 06 Feb 2019 15:42
Nice catches this morning on the boat Cavalier.
Welcome back Ron Vuijk and Willy Vermeulen from Belgium.
Willy caught this morning a good sized North Atlantic Bonito.

Date added: Mon, 04 Feb 2019 16:00
It is probably the hard North East wind, what makes the catches on the surface, at the moment, very slow?
Because last Saturday and also today were not really fishing days to remember.

On both days, many smaller seabreams were caught, and the larger fish unfortunately didn't show up.

Today there has been caught, again many Seabreams, only 1 North Atlantic Bonito and some Moray eels.

Im sorry but that's also fishing guys!

Tomorrow we have another chance.

Cavalier Fishing Charters

Reef fishing
Date added: Tue, 29 Jan 2019 15:56
After the somewhat disappointing catch result yesterday, some deeper water was chosen today.

On board, for their second fishing day, Perove Hanzon with two of his friends from Sweden.
Against the slopes of the reef, nice catches were made this morning, which consisted of Trigger fish and Scorpion fish.

Congratulations guys and hopefully we have thursday, on your 3rd fishing day the same or maybe better results.

Cavalier Fishing Charters

Date added: Sun, 27 Jan 2019 19:04
Kaarlo and his son fished yesterday with the Cavalier. They finished this Saturday with some nice catches.

Today the crew are enjoying their day off.

Tomorrow we will welcome Perove Hanzon from Sweden, who has chartered the boat Cavalier for the coming 3 days.

Canaria Fishing Charters

Nice fishing day!
Date added: Fri, 25 Jan 2019 18:26
Rachid Piotrowski, Peter van Baardwijk, Teunis Lansing ..... some of our regular clients, who had booked their fishing day again on the boat Cavalier.

And also this fishing day they've made the right decision.

Thanks again guys for the pleasant and successful fishing day.

Cavalier Fishing Charters

There we go again!
Date added: Thu, 24 Jan 2019 17:46
After some fresh and windy fishing days we're the catches in the first three days of this week very slow.

Some Seabreams and Moray Eels were caught on the bottom, but no catches on the surface of the water.

But after some lesser fishing trips, there are usually some better ones.

Today, for example, Barracudas and some beautiful Atlantic Bonitos were caught again.
There we go again!

I'm already looking forward to tomorrow.

Cavalier Fishing Charters

Barracuda /Bonito
Date added: Fri, 18 Jan 2019 19:00
This morning there has been done again beautiful catches of big Barracudas and Sierra Tuna.

A great experience for anglers who prefer to take a tough fight with a light 8 till 12 lbs rod

Interested in going on a fishing trip like this?
They are from 9 am to 3 pm.
Return transport included!
You are very welcome .

Phone or Whats App.

Canaria Fishing News

Bottom or Trolling?
Date added: Wed, 16 Jan 2019 19:32
The regular visitors to this latest fish news will undoubtedly have noticed that there has been fishing on the bottom again for 2 days.

This is not because the schools with Skipjacks suddenly left again, because they are still swimming there.

The simple reason is that not every angler wants to fish trolling.
Several anglers prefer fishing from an anchored boat, after which they can throw in their own fishing rod, preoair their own bait, hooks...... etc.

The wish of the customers, to fish trolling or to fish on the bottom, is for the crew very important.
Unfortunately they can't make every day anyone happy, but they are doing their best.

Yesterday and today the fishermen onboard fished on the slope of the reef.

A lot of Seabreams were caught, but also some beautiful Atlantic Bonitos, Moray Eels, Barracudas ...... etc.

Tomorrow morning the crew decides how to fish again.
Trolling or Bottom?

Cavalier Fishing Charters

The Show goes on
Date added: Sat, 12 Jan 2019 17:25
The last day of this week is almost over.
And what kind of a week .....!

Wooooow, what a nice catches.
There has been caught almost every day, several dozen of Skipjack Tuna..
Also on the morning trip today, the clients caught 35 of these fighters in a few hours.
And who knows what will be added to this total on the afternoon trip?
The second fishing trip has been started at 3 pm

Many thanks in special to our regular customer and friend Freek Morees and the sport fishermen Ton and Harrie van Esdonk.
All three of them are already on half of their booked fishing trips, so they have a few more days to increase their catches.

Tomorrow, Sunday, is a well-deserved day off for the crew of the Cavalier, who both have worked many dozens of hours this week.

See you Monday !

Cavalier Fishing News

25 Skipjack Tuna
Date added: Fri, 11 Jan 2019 16:25
Fernando Sanchez Díez from Madrid had chartered with some friends this morning the boat Cavalier.
They hooked up with lots of Skipjack Tuna and landed 25 of them.
Well done guys, hopefully we see you back during another stay in Gran Canaria.

The Cavalier is fishing now their 2nd trip, so let's see what happens during the afternoon?

Due of cancellation we have at the moment 1 place left for tomorrow!

Cavalier Fishing Charters

Now or Never !
Date added: Thu, 10 Jan 2019 18:16
Also today were on the morning and on the afternoon trip, by the Cavalier, plenty of Skipjacks caught.

So it became again a brilliant fishing day for all anglers.
Nice catches were also made by the other sport fishing boats from Puerto Rico.

This Skipjack Tuna explosion has also caused an explosion on our reservations book.
This means that it not will easy to get a seat on board of the Cavalier.

I advise the anglers, who are currently on Gran Canaria or who have their flight this weekend, to inform as soon as possible.
You can do this by phone on number: 0034 607913313 or on our website:

It is now or never !
The Skipjack Tuna, the North Atlantic Bonito's, the Barracudas ... and much more.
They are waiting for you!

Canaria Fishing News

Skipjack Explosion
Date added: Wed, 09 Jan 2019 18:48
Again have large schools with Skipjacks surfaced in the South of Gran Canaria.
This true fish explosion was for many anglers the day of their lives.

More than 60 pieces were this morning caught on the Cavalier.
You can believe me that there was little time left for a cup of coffee.

Tomorrow we will be fishing again

Cavalier Fishing Charters

Barracuda /Bonito
Date added: Tue, 08 Jan 2019 19:23
Catches were the last few days slightly less, compared to last week.

The somewhat tougher tide will undoubtedly be the cause of this.

But also today and yesterday some beautiful Barracuda and North Atlantic Bonitos.

Tomorrow we have another day

Cavaliet Fishing News

Lovely Day
Date added: Thu, 03 Jan 2019 18:38
Today we had Lars Berg from Sweden on board who chartered the Cavalier with some family members and friends.

They had a lovely day and caught with live bait some good sized Sierra Tuna and lots of Seabreams.

Thanks again guys to fish with us.

Cavalier Fishing News



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